The Nucleus represents the center, when you need to drive the groove right down the middle. The middlemost plies are walnut providing a slightly organic character between the inner and outer layer of classic maple.




SONIClear™ Bearing Edge

The SONIClear™ Bearing Edge is standard on all BP Snare drum shells and allows the drumhead to sit flatter and make better contact with the shell. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. For the serious player, the increased head-to-edge contact increases shell vibration, allowing the sonic nuances of the Hybrid shell to stand out.

Air Flow Venting

One of the most thrilling elements of playing Black Panther Snare Drums is the feel of the instrument. The Air Flow Venting is key to this feel and to the overall resonance of each shell. Through a painstaking testing process, each Black Panther model has been fitted with the ideal quantity of vent holes for this ultimate feel combined with premium sound & resonance.

Cylinder-Drive Strainer

The Cylinder-drive strainer and butt side adjustment use a self-lubricating bearing to insure smooth operation. The adjustment knobs employ “micro-lock” technology providing precise tension control.


Size 14" x 5.5"
Shell 8-Ply 8.1 mm Maple/Walnut/Maple
2.3 mm Snare Bed with 5.5” Width
Edges SONIClear™ Bearing Edge, 45°
Lugs Staggered 1/8" Offset Locking B-Lugs/ 3-Air Vents
Hoops Sonic Saver Hoops
Sound Standard Meduim


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