600 Series Thrones

The 600 series drum thrones provide stability and maximum comfort matching any level of drumming intensity. The wide double-braced tripod base make it stable while the steel height adjustment tube with memory lock make it durable and secure enough for anyone.

600 Series Thrones

600 Series Thrones
  • T660
  • T670
  • T675A
  • T680
  • T685
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Enlarged Seat Area (T675A / T685)

The enlarged seating area ensures greater accommodation and enhanced comfort for the drummers.

Optimized Thigh Placement (T675A / T685)

A rounded seat edge facilitates optimized thigh placement, and a 2.5-degree decline prevents drummers from slipping.

Maximum Endurance (T680)

SGS-certified, the new T680 throne seat ensure exceptional endurance, durability, and performance under rigorous conditions.

Extra Thick Foam (T680)

The new T680 model boasts denser foam for unprecedented softness, coupled with a refined black cloth-top, ensuring players enjoy superior comfort.

Double-Braced Tripod Legs

The double-braced legs with slip-proof rubber feet provide durability and stability.

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